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Stuttgart Thursday

Get ready for Stuttgart Thursday! Whether it's a lawnmower or a jet engine, IFR or VFR, fixed-wing or rotary-wing, as long as it can fly, it's welcome in Stuttgart.

Focus on LIEO!

We are back with FOCUS ON LIEO!

Dammam to Tehran

Join us for "Dammam to Tehran" on May 31st, 1400z-1800z! Hosted by VATSIM Saudi Arabia, VATSIM Iran, and Airlink Virtual. Enjoy a thrilling flight from OEDF to OIIE with realistic ATC and a friendly community. Route: PUSRA H741 ASVIR M320 KUA B417 MAH W31 EGVAX G667 SAV

Riga Friday Fun

Don't know what to do on a Friday evening? Take a trip to the Baltics and visit Rīga - the heart of the Baltic region! Every Friday from 1700z till 2100z Latvia vACC hosts the famous Rīga Friday Fun which is a perfect way to relax at the end of the week!

Acropolis Nights

Join us every Friday for a breathtaking experience over the iconic city of Athens. Acropolis Nights, hosted by Hellenic vACC, is your weekly opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of aviation and explore Athens like never before! See you there!

Vilnius Online

vACC Lithuania would like to invite you all to join Vilnius Online Day! Join us and explore the beautiful Baltic skies while our controllers provide professional ATC service in Vilnius!

Bucharest Friday Online

Weekly Bucharest Online Event, fully staffed LROP

Hanover Friday

At the end of every week a special highlight awaits you at Hanover airport: The Hanover Friday of VATSIM Germany! From 1730-2000z, all ATC stations in Hanover will be staffed, and the controllers are excited to guide you out of, in to or through the control zone of Hanover.

Geneva One-By-One

Put your kids to bed or place them in the right seat; vACC Switzerland is hosting a new edition of one of its most popular events at Geneva (LSGG). So look out for the chain of landing lights on the ILS over the lake every last Friday of the month from 18z to 20z.

Discover Siberia: From Ural to Altai

We invite you on a journey from the Ural to Altai on Saturday June 1st!

Belgrade to Sochi

VATAdria and Caucasus ACC invites you to take a summer trip between Belgrade (LYBE) and Sochi (URSS). Join us with favorite jet.

Safari Nights

VATSSA and the North East Africa vACC invite you every first Saturday of the month, to the Safari Nights Event.

Eindhoven - Marseille City Shuttle

Join us on Sunday the 2nd of June between 1130 and 1400z where we host the Eindhoven - Marseille City Shuttle.
Save the date to experience a breathtaking virtual adventure. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Oradea - Warszawa

The picturesque town of Oradea and the metropolis of Warsaw. These cities are now connected by a new route LOT Polish Airlines. However, a day before the real planes carry their first passengers, visit both airports during a three-hour airbridge.

Weekends in Adria: Belgrade (LYBE) & Zagreb (LDZA)

VATAdria presents: Weekends in Adria: Belgrade (LYBE) & Zagreb (LDZA)

Turn Around Budapest

We kindly invite every pilot to Turn around Budapest on Mondays - a weekly event featuring Full ATC coverage over the Hungarian airspace.

Vienna Trainee-Night

We invite you to join our "Trainee-Night" on every second Monday! During this time, we will be staffing our Training-Airport Vienna (LOWW) and make sure to have as many of our Trainees as possible on our frequencies!

Vectors to Copenhagen

Come and get vectors to the final in Copenhagen! We are ready once again on Monday from 17z with full staffing.

EDDN – Nürnberg Montag

The week has just started for most of us so it's a good time to not over-do it and refresh ourselves right away with a nice evening online as our crew at Nuremberg, EDDN is waiting for you like every week.

Oslo Monday

Come and fly to Oslo Gardemoen Airport (ENGM) when we will be fully staffed from 1730z to 2000z each Monday. We are ready to welcome your arrivals and departures into Oslo. Not sure where you want to fly to? Check out Copenhagen which has an event simultaneously.

Düsseldorf Monday

Off to Düsseldorf Monday! Every Monday, we staff the Düsseldorf airport from ground up into the thin air and you are kindly invited to pay us a visit.

EDWW FIR Evening

Only individual airports in the Bremen FIR are open? Why not all of them? The VATSIM Germany invites you from now on Tuesdays every two weeks between 1730z and 2000z to its Onlineday.

Zurich Night

Welcome to the Zurich Night, the weekly online-day of Switzerland's major airport! Every Tuesday from 18:00z to 20:00z, expect full staffing, professional and friendly ATC service and plenty of traffic.

Ciao Roma!

Dear pilots, VATITA welcomes you to our NEW weekly event in Roma. Come and fly in or out of the busiest airport in Italy, LIRF, or a bizjet-favorite LIRA. Fancy some VFR? LIRU is waiting for you!

Slovak Online Day

Why not come to Slovakia to have a good Air Traffic Services for your flight in Bratislava FIR? We guarantee you, we won't let you down, all we can do is help! So come to Bratislava FIR to have some fun!

VACC-Austria Weekly Wednesday

Weekly Wednesday - every Wednesday - 1730-2030z - FULL ATC in Austria

EDDM - München Mittwoch

Welcome to our weekly "München - Mittwoch". Every Wednesday from 1730z to 2030z, all pilots are cordially invited to the Munich Airport (EDDM) with experienced controllers who will guide you safely through the Munich airspace. Whether IFR or VFR, everyone is welcome!

Cologne Wednesday

Hello dear Cologne enthusiasts! Every Wednesday, we collectively make the airport of the Rhine metropolis shake, and we're delighted that you're supporting us in doing so!

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